About Us

Where it all started


Valenci Vintage began in Tucson, AZ by selling refurbished and restored antique/vintage items. After doing so for two years, it was hard to get rid of certain pieces we fell in love with. After holding onto so many pieces, we came up with the idea to provide customers with reinvented works of art to be captured for any occasion.

New Lease on Life


All products featured on Valenci Vintage have been gathered throughout Arizona. Whenever we find a beautiful item that has potential, we jump on the opportunity! We believe handmade and authentic vintage is worth the sweat, time, and tears it takes to bring these beauties back to life. If you've been looking for a particular item for your special occasion, specific pieces are also available upon request.

Our Version of Vintage


 Our pieces are inherently special because no two are exactly alike, and each has its own unique story to tell.  This is our version of vintage and we think it’s pretty awesome!